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I'm a girl with a tendancy to act crazy, insane,spaztic,and just plain out of the norm(whatever that is). I've been known to rant when i'm nervous or uncomfortable. My favorite color is lime green and i like to draw faces you can tell a lot about a person by how they act when your dawing them. i don't like fake people or ones who take advantage of others i've been a victim of it and seen it too many times. Some would say i watch a little too much buffy but i think it's the best show in all existence i think i may have cried the day they said it was going to be cancelled i think good tv can fix anythinh it's the great escape. My friends say i'm probably the smartest person they know but i'd say i just i'm observant you'd be surprised at what you find when you watch someone and not just their movements but the way they react to thing and what they do when they think no one's looking trust me it'll change your perseptions on things. well that's me more or less sapose but what can you really know about a person from a few words on a pae i'd say nothing,everything...or maybe i'm just messing with you who knows
and fencing...there, btvs, drawing, james marsters, painting, reading books, rhps and tim curry, the dresden dolls